Orbitz to will alert hotels of late arrivals for customers when flights are dela
12/21/2006|8:34:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Orbitz is launching a hotel notification service for customers who book a package (flight + hotel) through the website. (12/20/2006)

If their flight is delayed, Orbitz will personally call customers and with their permission alert the hotel to let the front desk know they will be arriving late. In addition to late arrivals, Orbitz works for customers who may not make it at all to their hotel. If a flight is cancelled, Orbitz will personally call customers and with their permission work to rebook affected customers at a new hotel.

“We are now working to ensure that your hotel stay will be honored if your flight is delayed, one more way the high tech, human touch of OrbitzTLC serves our customers,” said Randy Wagner, chief marketing officer, Orbitz Worldwide.

“Our customers tell us that the extra OrbitzTLC they get free, every time they book with us, is very valuable because it means they’ll have a more enjoyable trip,” said Wagner.

“Many lodging properties’ reservation systems will mark a `next day’ arrival for customers checking in at a hotel after midnight,” said Seth Brody, vice president of hotels, Orbitz Worldwide.

“Hotels might cancel reservations for late-arriving guests, so Orbitz is creating unique solutions to ensure our customers always have a room during their trip, regardless of unexpected delays.”

The new OrbitzTLC hotel alerts works in the following way:
1. When booking a package (hotel + flight), customers need to include a mobile phone number in their “traveler profile” so that they can be reached in-transit.

2. The OrbitzTLC Center will monitor the flights of customers who book hotel + flight trips and flag arrival delays that could mean late arrival to a hotel after midnight. This is the time when most hotels release rooms that customers with reservations have not checked in to yet.

3. OrbitzTLC Agents will personally contact customers via their cell phone to inquire if they would like Orbitz to call ahead to their hotel to ensure their reservation is honoured.

4. Once receiving customer consent, OrbitzTLC Agents will call ahead to a customer’s hotel to inform the property of the late guest arrival and ensure their reservation is honoured.