Digital Travel Sales Mature in France, Germany; Mobile Takes Flight in Spain
11/08/2013|7:01:16 AM|

Varying consumer behaviors pave digital travel’s future

Digital travel sales in Europe are on a slow, steady growth curve when viewed as a whole, but breaking out travel trends in individual countries paints a less cohesive picture of the region. Though consumer behavior is maturing in general, there are distinct differences between travel shoppers and buyers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain—the four largest markets in Western Europe—according to a new eMarketer report, “Digital Travel Trends in Western Europe: Mobile Eyed as Next Major Growth Driver.”

eMarketer breaks out travel from overall business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce in these four countries in mainland Western Europe. Due to ecommerce maturity in France and Germany, eMarketer estimates other retail categories will grow more rapidly than travel ecommerce, though travel will account for 21.0% of overall B2C ecommerce in each nation this year. Meanwhile, we expect that in Italy and Spain—markets that are slightly behind the former two in terms of ecommerce maturity—travel will rise at a similar rate to other retail ecommerce. In these two countries, travel currently accounts for 50.0% and 60.0% of overall B2C ecommerce, respectively, and is expected to maintain those shares through the end of the forecast period.

Mobile is driving digital travel growth. The propensity for consumers in Europe to research travel extensively online means that regardless of how they eventually book travel, digital touchpoints are essential customer interactions. Mobile could potentially close the gap between digital research and digital booking in the region, especially if consumers begin to purchase transportation tickets and accommodations with greater frequency while traveling.

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