SkiftSeedlings: Six startups that travelers and the travel industry should know about
01/14/2013|10:23:05 AM|

by Samantha Shankman, Skift

This week’s startup roundup covers apps and services that aid travelers before and during a journey, but also includes operational tools for travel companies that are working to engage with travelers online and meet them where they are, which is more often than not, on their mobile device.

Dcovery fancies itself the “Evernote for travel” allowing users to archive clips of content from the web to create customized destination guides and comes preloaded with guides curated by media personalities. The app is also able to translate addresses into local languages for easies taxi travel. SkiftTake: Travelers will be attracted to the app’s beautiful design and “Evernote” functionality, but its $3.99 price tag could discourage some leisure travelers from testing it out, especially since the Evernote for everything is free.

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