10 most useful travel websites
09/16/2011|10:21:34 AM|overheadbin.msnbc.msn.com

The Web should make things easier for travelers, but the sheer volume of services out there is often more overwhelming than useful. Unfortunately, you don't always know which outfits pay off until you've already invested your time.

The Budget Travel team puts websites — new and established — to the test every day. So when it came time to line up our favorites, the task was easy — we just turned to the sites we keep revisiting because they're so darn helpful.

Our top picks can help you avoid overpaying for airfare (Bing Travel), bag the primo room at a hotel (Hipmunk), and never miss a deal on a rental-car reservation again (AutoSlash). Some of our favorites are as useful as a mind-reading tour guide (Plnnr); others are as handy as having a personal secretary track your frequent-flier balances (Award Wallet).

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