An insight into online travel search by Google
09/08/2011|10:47:56 AM|

The travel industry continues to witness new developments in the search arena. Start-ups in the travel search segment point out that the industry is dominated by established companies stuck on ancient technology who haven’t meaningfully innovated their search experience in a decade or more.

It is being highlighted that planning a trip online is actually very cumbersome and time-consuming process: a lot of jumping around from site to site, a lot of forms to fill out, a lot of waiting for results, and a lot of useless information. Quite often it is mentioned that the experience is infuriating—from the pop-up windows to the endless pages of search results.

Assessing the current status of the online travel sector, Tom Mulders, Industry Manager Travel, Google, says, “When we look at the phases of the travel cycle - Dreaming, Researching, Booking, Experiencing and Sharing - we see potential for innovation, particularly in the early stages of Dreaming and Researching, and the final stage, Sharing.”

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