American Airlines: Sabre increased GDS booking fees again
07/27/2011|9:45:51 AM|

With a just few weeks to go before their full-content agreement expires, American Airlines says Sabre substantially increased some of the fees it charges the airline for bookings in the Sabre global distribution system.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, AMR Corp., American Airlines’ parent, states: “Following the expiration of the Stand Down Agreement, on July 8, 2011 Sabre imposed new and substantially higher fees for some American bookings through the Sabre GDS.”

The Stand Down Agreement began in January 2011, days after Sabre similarly increased American Airlines’ GDS booking fees. Under the expired Stand Down Agreement, Sabre agreed to cease its commercial actions against American Airlines, which in turn agreed not to level surcharges against travel agents for American Airlines’ flight bookings in the Sabre GDS. And the two parties set aside their litigation until June 1.

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