Devices make us social on the web, anti-social when travelling
03/30/2011|9:09:50 AM|

Smartphones and tablet devices have made consumers more connected to the internet when on the move – but are they less sociable as a result? It appears so.

A survey by respected polling firm YouGov of 2,200 people in the UK found that 30% are updating their Facebook status when on a leisure trip and a quarter are regularly checking their so-called “social feeds” for news and content.

Only 8% are sending tweets, however. Wondering which of the sexes is the most prolific? Around 35% of women are updating their Facebook status compared to 25% of men.

This is a lot of web-based activity going on considering people are supposed to be on holiday.

But there’s clearly more to come, especially when looking at the data for those aged between 16 and 24 years old.

Almost half of those questioned said they updated their Facebook status when travelling, 43% check their social feeds and one in five are using Twitter.

MyDestinationInfo, which commissioned the poll through YouGov and yet has an ulterior motive in people checking travel content online in-resort, is calling the phenomenon the “anti-social media”.

The poll also found huge levels of general usage across providers:

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