Why blogs are your #1 search marketing tool
01/01/2010|5:34:31 PM|Hotelmarketingstrategies

Blogging is the fastest growing corporate communications tool today. It’s moved beyond a cool fad into a genuinely useful publishing platform.

You may not have guessed that, but starting a blog can help your hotel accomplish two important things at once: engaging fans and increasing search rankings. It’s one of the first things I recommend to people who are serious about succeeding online.

I consider blogs as the foundation of any good internet marketing campaign. It acts as a “hub” for distributing content to other networks. It’s especially powerful at the center of a social media program.

Ultimately, we have to remember no one really cares about the blog author. They care about the content they receive. If you want to succeed, have your blog focus on solutions.

Smart organizations are involving a wide range of employees in the blogging process. This helps share knowledge and perspectives from different points in your hotel. More content and more pages means it will be more likely for browsers to land on your blog.

The majority of blog traffic is usually from first-time visitors. First-time readers are a gift from heaven: you have the chance to establish a long-term relationship with them. With this in mind, treat every page on your blog like a landing page. Offer ways to begin and nurture that relationship.

And if you’re ever doubting the value of blogging, calculate what the number of organic clicks would have cost you from PPC or advertising. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.