Travelzoo Asia-Pacific deal a family affair
10/13/2009|3:18:24 PM|Tnooz
Travelzoo, a publicly traded company controlled by founder and Chairman Ralph Bartel, has agreed to sell Travelzoo’s Asia-Pacific division, including Travelzoo Hong Kong, Travelzoo Japan, Travelzoo China, Travelzoo Taiwan and Travelzoo Australia,  for $3.6 million million to companies controlled by — Ralph Bartel.

You’ll notice I used Bartel’s first name, Ralph, twice in the preceding sentence. That’s because I don’t want to get you confused with  Holger Bartel, Travelzoo’s CEO, who’s Ralph’s brother.

You may see where I am going with this.

Apart from the coziness of the pending transaction (which could still be upended by a rival bid, but I am not holding my breath), the deal actually could be a clever move by Travelzoo — not to mention Ralph Bartel — and fuel Travelzoo’s  expansion in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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