Amadeus Hotel Store Launches In UK
10/01/2009|5:46:55 PM|

Amadeus announces the availability of Amadeus Hotel Store, a gateway to consolidated hotel content. Transhotel, a global hotels consolidator with 15 years experience, is Amadeus’ launch partner for this solution.

Displayed as a new tab in Amadeus Selling Platform, the company’s point of sale for travel agencies, Amadeus Hotel Store seamlessly integrates 50,000 hotel consolidator properties in the booking process, and is available for travel agencies without any charge. By sharing the PNR (Personal Name Record) and back office functionalities, travel agents now can book the hotel consolidator content on the Amadeus Selling Platform as easy as any other content available in the Amadeus system.

One of the key benefits is that Transhotel allows users to make hotel reservations with up-front payment of commissions on commissionable rates, and set margins up-front on net rates, improving the travel agency’s profitability and cash flow. This is a significant new development as clawing back commission has traditionally been a very time-consuming, burdensome process, and this gives travel agents greater flexibility. Transhotel’s portfolio, comprised of more than 50,000 properties worldwide, is the first consolidator content available through this solution.

“This is a really exciting new development, as it will mean that we will be able to offer significantly more properties to complement the other properties we have available through Amadeus Hotel already,” commented Guillaume Thevenot, Business Development Manager, Amadeus. “Transhotel’s well-balanced portfolio of independent properties and hotels in all price ranges - from urban hotels, to spas to mountain retreats - improves Amadeus users’ options.”

Unlike North America, about two thirds of the hotels in Europe are independent properties and Amadeus has made significant progress in integrating this crucial content. 30% of the 80,000 properties available in Amadeus Hotel are independent and budget hotels. By adding a sizeable volume of additional hotels, the new solution complements Amadeus Hotels with significant extra choice for travel agencies to offer their customers.

“We are thrilled with the launch of the Amadeus Hotel Store, making our unparalleled hotel offer available to an even greater number of travel agents,” commented Amadeo Franquet, Chief Commercial Officer of Grupo Transhotel. “The joint effort of two major players in the travel industry such as Amadeus and Transhotel will result in increased revenue for travel agents and improved service for their final customers.”