Underwater hotel to open soon in Dubai
06/23/2009|10:34:15 AM|menareport

What appears to be torn from a science fiction novel is in fact a reality: an underwater hotel. The $490 million Hydropolis Undersea Resort, roughly the size of London’s Hyde Park, is set to open its doors later this month. Lying sixty feet underwater, the self-acclaimed 10-star hotel will present guests with 220 bubble-shaped Plexiglass fitted suites, within a submarine compound.

Resting on the Jumeirah Beach, an automatic train will carry guests from dry land through a 515-meter long tunnel underwater into the hotel lobby. While primarily under water, two domes—one a concert auditorium and the other a ballroom—will penetrate the Gulf’s blue surface. Adding to the ballroom’s grandeur is a retractable roof allowing for the hotel’s guests to enjoy open-air events with the backdrop of Dubai’s coastline and skyline.

A night in this marvel will cost around $5,500 per night.

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