EasyRMS hosted Revenue Management seminars across China
04/13/2009|1:37:35 PM|TravelDaily China

This month EasyRMS hosted three Revenue Management seminars across China. The main speakers at these events were Jinou Park - EasyRMS GM Asia Pacific, and Christine Liu—EasyRMS Country Manager China.  In addition, Connie Yan - China Regional Manager for STR Global, provider of global hotel operating statistics, presented the China market trends at the Beijing seminar.

We asked Jinou and Christine some questions to gauge how the seminars were received, and what was discussed there.

What was attendance to each seminar like, and how do you feel they were received by attendees?

A total of 85 people attended the three seminars. There was strong interest from small and large hotels, from global chains, and from national independents. 

The large attendance was testimony to the growing interest in the science of hotel management - such as Revenue Management - and a recognition of the importance in pricing and electronic distribution.

The seminar generated active discussions amongst attendees in some of their own best practices, and it seems people were eager to learn from each other as well as from EasyRMS. 

It was also a great opportunity for key hotel people to hear directly from their counterparts about market trends, and how each are coping.  

Who attended, other than Revenue Managers and Hotel Managers?

As the seminar was positioned as an "Educational Seminar in Revenue  Management", various positions in  hotels as well as at corporate level were represented at the seminars. In all three locations there were GMs, and managers of Sales & Marketing, Front Office, and IT. Also present were corporate management staff in Distribution, and Sales & Marketing.

Did you note any general trends emerge in the audience’s questions?

With the current downturn and pricing pressure, there was a lot of talk about the need for accurate,     real-time and competitive pricing. 

With the size of the Chinese hotel market, it is natural that there are a number of leading domestic ITsuppliers, including of CRS and PMS.  These systems are in local language and also contain functionality suited to the specific legislative and operational requirements of hotel businesses in China. 

The compatibility of RMS with their domestic CRS and PMS was always a key issue.
It seems attendees were relieved to hear that EasyRMS has a long tradition of working with various interfaces due to our vast client base of independents and regional chains. Similarly, they appreciated that EasyRMS is currently working with the leading Chinese PMS suppliers to develop tailored interfaces.

Did attendees indicate that they would like this event to be repeated again soon?

Many who attended the seminar were convinced of the need to transition from their current manual RM efforts to the automated solution.

In that regard, many saw the need for similar events targeted specifically to GMs and owners of hotels who in fact make the purchase decision of solutions such as EzRMS™.  Most attendees were excited about their learning experience in the seminar and said that they would recommend others to join other EasyRMS seminars in the future.

Can you give any details about the hotel industry generally in China, in particular, whether it has been affected by the global recession?

Major manufacturing centers and large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have seen significant drops in occupancy levels, while the ARR have held up modestly. 

Nevertheless, the hotel industry continues to expand in size with continued new supply - albeit at a moderated level to before the Beijing Olympics - and the management of this is becoming more sophisticated.  Tough times require tough cost cutting measures but also shrewd operations through smart promotions and accurate pricing. 

Were there any highlights that you would like to mention?

In Beijing we had forty attendees, which was the largest number. 

These included professionals from global chains such as Days Inn, Best Western, Peninsula and Raffles, to the long established local hotels such as Kunlun, Jianguo, Jinjiang, and Long Palace.  

Beijing is one of the hardest hit hotel markets in China due to the glut of new supply which preceded the Olympics, and the more recent travel slowdown to the major export centers.

Regardless, many professionals in different positions joined the seminar eager to learn about the emerging expertise of Revenue Management. 

While the seminar was more geared toward general education in the macro trends of distribution,  discipline of pricing segmentation etc., there was substantial feedback from the group asking for more time with hands-on experience in the EzRMS™ system. 

Clearly there was interest not just on the new topic of Revenue Management, but in the  automated system.

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