Travelocity India launches interactive travel site, marketing campaign
12/22/2008|11:25:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Published: 19 Dec 2008´╝ÜTravelocity India is ready with its new marketing campaign to create awareness about its interactive offering ´Explorekaro´ (

The campaign, aimed at encouraging international and domestic travel in 2009, includes print advertisements, television commercial, active engagement through online social media and a specially designed interactive travel website ´Explorekaro´.

´ExploreKaro´ opens with an interactive world map and guides the Explorer through options of destinations, activities on offer, budgets, ideal seasons to visit, and a host of travel-related information. It also offers instant online bookings with dynamic packaging of all travel related services.

"We are targeting youthful (as opposed to young), Internet savvy travellers who do not shy away from new experiences. In fact, they enthusiastically embrace the unusual as it gives them ´brag time´ amongst their peers. At the same time, the current economic situation makes these travellers highly price sensitive. Our endeavour is to empower them to travel across the world without burning a big hole in their pocket," said Himanshu Singh, MD, Travelocity India.

Two mutually complementary halves

Subhomoy Sengupta, National Creative Director, Interactive Avenues said the campaign has two mutually complementary halves.

The first is the traditional print, online and television advertisements to promote the products and services that Travelocity India has to offer its users and direct them to The second half is ´Explorekaro´, an interactive tool to actively engage the new age traveller who wants his travel website to be more than just a space to book tickets.

Sengupta added, "Explorekaro also engages the users by providing them a platform that is very similar to the networking sites they are used to frequenting."


The online travel agency is set to release its first television commercial as part of the campaign. The ad campaign, created by Interactive Avenues, comprises a 15-second TVC. The film opens with the photo of a typical middle class couple in late 20s being manipulated on Photoshop. With each click of the mouse, the background on the photo, the clothes and accessories they are wearing and other details are altered to give the impression of changing landscapes. The camera pulls back to reveal the monitor and the cursor minimises the screen with the voiceover asking viewers to log onto for real travel adventures.