WAYN.com launches a flight alert and weather update service
10/27/2008|9:14:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Published: 24 Oct 2008:Lifestyle and travel networking community WAYN.com has launched a new flight alert and weather update service for members, keeping them up to date via their mobile phone on departure day.

The company highlighted that currently 30 percent of UK scheduled flights suffer a delay of more than 15 minutes. Flight status alerts can give control back to the passenger as to how they spend that time.

"Mobile is an excellent way of reaching passengers on their departure day to update them on the status of their flight. It can save wasted hours standing in a departure lounge if a flight is unexpectedly delayed," said Matt Jerwood, director of business development, WAYN.com. "A few hours before the scheduled departure passengers receive an SMS message confirming the flight time. Approximately 30 minutes before departure a reminder of flight details and boarding information is sent. The service can also provide travellers with two exclusive location specific retail offers depending on where they are flying from."

After logging a new trip, users opt to receive confirmation of their flight number and flight times on the day of travel, as well as information on boarding times, departure gates and whether their flight is delayed. And to help members know what to pack and to help them plan their itinerary, an additional opt-in service provides members with daily weather updates in the lead up to and during their trip.

Mantic Point is delivering the new service.