New Abacus Whiz keeps travel agents in touch with the lowest newly negotiated fare content
10/16/2008|10:39:00 AM|Etravelblackboardasia
Monday, 13 October 2008: Abacus International, Asia’s leading travel facilitator, has announced the launch of a new edition of its popular solution, Abacus Whiz. The enhanced version contains many intelligent features to help the more than15,000 Abacus connected travel agency locations provide quality customer service and increase business efficiencies.

Abacus Whiz enables travel consultants to access Abacus International’s Central Reservation System and travel contents.

Abacus International Vice-President Mr Brett Henry said, “This new edition will increase the speed at which travel consultants perform their jobs and allow them to provide a much needed personal touch in the highly competitive marketplace.”

“A key feature of this edition is the interactive notification of newly negotiated fare content via Abacus FareX where travel agents will be immediately informed of the fares to recommend to their customers.”

“In addition to highlighting the best flight deals, the new Abacus Whiz identifies a wider range of Best Available Rate (BAR) chains as new participants such as the Atlantis, Fairmont Hotels and M?venpick Hotels & Resorts have been added,” said Mr Henry.

Other new features to boost travel agencies’ efficiencies are; easier airline seat requests without the hassle of interpreting cryptic host seat maps as more graphical seat maps are available as well as the automatic designation of printer to a travel consultant via a onetime printer set-up feature.

The latest Abacus Whiz also integrates a wider range of travel agency processes and improves overall productivity for the travel agents.

This new edition of Abacus Whiz solution is part of Abacus International’s continual efforts to empower the more than15,000 Abacus-connected travel agencies with solutions to meet the fast-changing needs of the travel industry.