New criteria-based tour search engine launched
10/09/2008|11:34:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Published: 08 Oct 2008: has come up with a new criteria-based tour search engine, promising "to attract more genuine bookers not just lookers".

"We´ve launched a criteria-based tour search engine utilising a unique approach of combining industry leading tour search functionality with´s three million-plus pages of user generated content. So this will find the traveller a more relevant experience to suit their individual needs and desires," said co-founder Travis Pittman.

Pittman believes that it´s been tough enough for operators to work out where their market is online, let alone negotiating the costs and time associated with these methods of advertising.

He said, "While the cost per click method appears to be increasingly most effective for operators to gauge their traffic, the real challenge has been in achieving a higher quality of click-through and also to avoid the just lookers."

According to the company, while travellers are able to find exactly what they want by selecting price, currency, duration, destination and get filtered search results based on other travellers´ recommendations, the operator is getting a more targeted traveller and not wasting their click-through costs on lookers only.