Sprice.com enters India
09/26/2008|11:11:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Published: 24 Sep 2008: Travel search engine Sprice.com has launched a dedicated website for India.

On the decision to launch its operations in India (
http://www.in.sprice.com/), the company stated that the Indian online travel market "has changed the old paradigm, providing customer a sophisticated online retail and shopping experience, and simultaneously enabling access to fragmented travel supply market."

"While the Internet has significantly reduced the cost of distribution for travel suppliers, finding the most suitable package including the best hotel to stay in at the best price has become more complex for the travellers. Sprice.com addresses these concerns by introducing a real-time deep search technology, which offers travellers up-to-date information from different travel suppliers on air fares, hotel rates and traveller reviewed hotels from India on a single interface," said Vikas Gulati, VP- marketing, Asia Pacific for Sprice.com.

Sprice.com displays not only fare information, but also taxes, surcharges, and all-inclusive prices, all on a single screen.

Sprice.com was first launched in the European market in 2006. Supported by Walden International Singaporean team, Sprice Pte. Ltd. also has plans underway to break into other key markets in Asia Pacific such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.