SqueezeHolidays.com offers three-star accommodation for 1.50 pounds
09/15/2008|10:37:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Published: 10 Sep 2008: New holiday website SqueezeHolidays.com is offering three-star accommodation for £1.50 per person per night as part of its ´Freshly Squeezed´ offering.

The site, which specialises in accommodation at UK holiday makers´ popular beach destinations, now includes Freshly Squeezed, "a series of up to the minute, once in a lifetime deals at top resorts". Further, five lucky prize draw winners will get their accommodation free when they book with SqueezeHolidays.com before the end of September.

According to the website, the latest offering will be updated every week to include "the most compelling hotel offers at the most popular and desirable beach holiday destinations."

Referring to ´Freshly Squeezed´, which features a blend of last minute and forward booking deals, Maz Darvish, chairman of the website, said the offering caters to those who are prepared to be flexible in order to secure a last minute bargain as well as those who need to book well in advance.

The company says it has emerged at an opportune time; as the reality of the credit crunch hits home consumers determined not to miss out on their holidays, are seeking competitive deals online in their droves.

Darvish said, "As ironic as it sounds the by-product of financial woes is actually an increased demand for a beach holiday. SqueezeHolidays.com has been created to deliver the best beach accommodation deals; we give people great choice at the lowest possible prices without compromising on service. People may have less to spend but with SqueezeHolidays.com they can still get a great deal for their money and those lucky enough to win the prize draw won´t pay a single penny."