"Our plan is to turn Travelpost.com into a true competitor to TripAdvisor"
08/06/2008|11:11:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Published: 05 Aug 2008: Kayak.com has several new initiatives in the pipeline, including the formal launch of its vacations product and addition of Kayak.com UI to Travelpost.com.

In an interview with gadling.com, co-founder and CEO Steve Hafner said Kayak.com launched a beta version of a package product recently. "We hope to add several more providers over the next two weeks and formally launch the vacations product soon. Kayak.com is the first travel site to offer a true meta-search product for vacation packages."

Hafner also mentioned that the travel search engine had recently introduced Flight Quality functionality which allows the user to filter red-eyes, departure/return from same airport, aircraft type, etc.

"A warning message is also displayed to flights that meet a criteria deemed undesirable by some travelers including flights with terrible on-time records, layovers longer than four hours, red-eyes, last flight of the day, etc. Kayak.com also launched an Airline Fee Chart which summarizes the five most popular fees tacked on by airlines including those for baggage, meals, pets, unaccompanied minors and seat assignment/legroom. Kayak.com is working on integrating these fees into the search results and we hope to launch this capability by the end of July," he said.

He added that when Kayak.com acquired SideStep.com, a hotel review site called Travelpost.com came with the package.

"Our plan is to turn Travelpost.com into a true competitor to TripAdvisor. Although TripAdvisor is the hotel review leader, we think it´s a terrible user experience and we know we can do it better. Our engineering team is in the process of adding the Kayak.com UI to Travelpost.com and then we´ll start enhancing the site with better functionality," he said.

According to Hafner, more than 35 million people visited Kayak.com last month, and the company processed more than 40 million requests for travel information.