Japan attracts tourists through YouTube
07/13/2008|10:17:00 PM|Etravelblackboardasia
Friday, 11 July 2008: Tapping into modern communication technologies, a ‘Visit Japan Channel’ on YouTube has been launched by the Japan National Tourist Organisation (JNTO).

The channel consists of 54 videos in English, Korean and Chinese, revealing Hokkaido’s natural wonders and aimed to highlight Japan as a key travel destination.

JNTO decided to create its own YouTube channel when promotional materials in the form of DVDs kept increasing. Although, JNTO still maintains its photo library containing pictures and photos sent in by local tourism operators.

The Japanese government’s campaign Visit Japan Campaign is also featured through a promotional video on the channel, with hopes that the exposure will further enable the set target of attracting 10 million visitors per year to the country by 2010.