Growth of UGC on travel websites takes control away from marketers
06/05/2008|10:07:00 AM|
JupiterResearch has found that the majority of online travelers believe researching travel online is easier now than ever before, with UGC now more influential on the choice of accommodation than brand among online accommodation researchers.
A new report published by JupiterResearch, "US Online Travel Consumer Survey, 2008," indicates that the 42% of online travelers using UGC consider the opinions of other travelers to be highly trusted and influential in both accommodation and destination choices.
"While online travelers are embracing user-generated content, it creates challenges for travel marketers," said Diane Clarkson, Online Travel Analyst and lead author of the report for JupiterResearch. "The online travel space is becoming increasingly competitive and fragmented, and the influence of user-generated content means marketers have less control over their brands."
According to David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch, "Travel 2.0 has engaged and empowered travelers, creating an increasingly complex landscape for online travel retailers and brand managers. It is important for online travel providers to find opportunities by understanding the potential of Travel 2.0."