Barcelo Hotels & Resorts signs with Expedia
06/02/2008|10:01:00 AM|Hotelmarketing
May 30, 2008´╝ÜExpedia has signed a long term, strategic global supply agreement with Barcelo Hotels & Resorts, a fast-growing company and among the 28 top hotel chains in Europe.

The agreement provides that all Barcelo properties will be available for booking on Expedia - and - branded sites worldwide. The deal marks Barcelo’s first with Expedia and will support the hotel group’s notable growth, including its recent expansion into countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, and Mexico, among others.

“We are partnering with Expedia at a time when Barcelo is focused on growing our business, opening in new destinations and targeting travellers throughout the world,” said Sarah Despradel, director distribution and revenue, Barcelo.

“Expedia’s global footprint and online marketing expertise give us the ability to reach new markets and meet our growth targets.”

“We are excited to be working with a respected and growing hotel group like Barcelo to implement innovative online marketing and distribution strategies that meet its business objectives,” said Alex Gisbert, regional director, international strategic accounts, Expedia. “Expedia and Barcelo will work together closely to help Barcelo showcase its hotel properties to travellers all over the world.”

Under the agreement, Barcelo will benefit from Expedia’s online marketing and travel distribution expertise, dynamic rate management, and targeted merchandising opportunities to reach travelers throughout Europe, Asia and North America. In turn, travelers can book accommodations in all Barcelo Group hotel divisions which are Barcelo Hotels & Resorts EMEA, Latin America and in the USA Crestline Hotels & Resorts - on Expedia - and branded websites worldwide.

Barcelo has 167 hotels and resorts in 15 countries, which will connect to Expedia’s global online travel marketplace through Expedia QuickConnect, which addresses the needs of independent and small-to-medium sized hotel chains by enabling the exchange of rates, availability and booking information through a direct connection with Expedia.