Marriott Resort & Spa gets the "Thumbs Up"!
05/19/2008|10:01:00 AM|
Marriott Resort and Spa has launched a new service campaign appropriately titled “Thumbs Up”. The new campaign is designed to invite hotel and restaurant guests to nominate and recognize staff who are delivering the highest level of personal service.
Mr. Patrick Martinez, General Manager, stated “The campaign is another facet of the hotel “Spirit to Serve our Guests” program. This time we are inviting our guests to nominate our Associates and write us a card briefly when they come across an exceptional service that created a “WOW” experience to them. Essentially the guest is giving the staff member their “Thumbs Up”!
The campaign also encourages all the Associates to deliver the highest levels of personal service. Nomination cards are placed in all areas of the hotel including guest rooms, restaurants, and lobby areas.
David Wain, Cluster HR Director, commented “This is a really exciting and motivating campaign for our staff. The feedback is so important to our employees as it is recognizing individual efforts and really highlights how those staff members are creating “WOW” experiences with our guests. Our associates have completely embraced this program and they are so excited when they see their name mentioned on the feedback card and highlighted at the monthly celebration part”.