flight search engine released in China
04/30/2008|10:15:00 AM|
Dohop Ltd., the travel technology company, yesterday announces the release of the Chinese version of the award winning Flight Planner, the world´s fastest and most comprehensive flight search engine.
The Chinese version of the Dohop Flight Planner searches total of 91 airlines servicing the Chinese market, 11 of which are based in China and other 80 airlines that provide service to and from Japan.  Dohop helps travelers find the fastest and cheapest options for air travel by ranking results by a combination of "lowest price and fastest route".
In total Dohop searches 660 airlines world wide, including over 100 low cost airlines, that fly to over 3,000 destinations. Dohop is ideal for finding cheap flight connections that include low-cost airlines and helping travelers discover all the naturally existing connections available that sometimes are not published elsewhere, often resulting in significant savings.
- Guangzhou to Auckland:  Dohop price is 363 USD.  Cheapest competitor price is 175% more expensive, or 1000 USD
- Chongqing to Kuala Lumpur:  Dohop price is 1491 USD.  Cheapest competitor price is 29% more expensive, or 1921 USD
- Shanghai to Keflavik:  Dohop price is 1536 USD.  Cheapest competitor price is 27% more expensive, or 1950 USD
- Beijing to Leeds:  Dohop price is 1119 USD.  Cheapest competitor price is 13% more expensive, or 1265 USD.
"China represents one of the fastest growing markets for air travel and we are pleased to service Chinese speaking travelers with a flight search engine in their own language," says Frosti Sigurjonsson, CEO and co-founder of Dohop Ltd. "The launch of Dohop in Chinese is an important step towards offering a truly global flight search engine."