Sabre, Amex unveil self-booking social networking platform
02/25/2008|9:14:00 AM|Hotelmarketing
February 21, 2008: Sabre Travel Network today announced plans to launch by mid-2008 a social networking platform that delivers a communication forum for corporate travel programs, initially through American Express Business Travel.

The application, called Cubeless, will reside in Sabre’s GetThere online booking tool as an application module, as do its meetings and ground transportation booking applications.

Sabre has been using Cubeless internally for about six months. According to Sabre, more than 10,000 user profiles have been loaded into the system. Sabre Travel Studios, the company’s emerging technology research and development team, developed the platform.

American Express in the coming months will test the platform with a small group of clients before more widescale deployment, said head of public affairs Alicia Tillman. Although Amex is using the Sabre application as a starting point, it is not the “exclusive route” to the TMC’s social networking strategy nor will it solely collaborate with GetThere to deliver similar platforms through online booking tools.