Virgin Atlantic challenges travelers' expectations of air travel
02/15/2008|9:30:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Published: 13 Feb 2008:Virgin Atlantic Airways has launched its new US marketing campaign, Love from Above.

The campaign challenges travelers´ expectations of air travel with questions such as "Shouldn´t a seat recharge more than your laptop?" and "Shouldn´t Flying Be Art?" while conveying the friendly service that has differentiated the airline since its inception.

Developed with their agency of record, McKinney, the campaign will be rolled out in online and out of home executions in the 10 major metropolitan markets in which Virgin Atlantic operates to London including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas.

"For 24 years we´ve approached flying differently, treating our passengers like guests and innovating on their behalf. In recent years we´ve been known for the distinctive features in Upper Class, such as the complimentary limo service and onboard bar. Love from Above reminds travelers we deliver a phenomenal experience regardless of where they sit on the plane," said Aimee Young, head of brand and advertising, Virgin Atlantic North America.

The campaign represents a new direction for the airline´s advertising, introducing a highly visual red and purple art direction designed to infer both style and whimsy, with an eye-catching paisley pattern suggestive of iconic British design.