Vietnam tourism insiders hope to lure wealthy Chinese with shopping attractions
04/09/2024|11:52:32 AM|VN Express

Vietnam could welcome 28 million high-spending Chinese tourists each year by opening more shopping stores in popular tourist hotspots, tourism insiders have said.

During peak tourism seasons, every day there are about 20,000 Chinese visitors to Nha Trang. The Chinese government started reopening tourism with Vietnam from March last year. After one year, Vietnam welcomed nearly 1.8 million Chinese visitors, making them the second biggest tourism market after South Korea but only equal to 31% against 2019, the year before the onset of the pandemic.

Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, chairman of conglomerate Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPPG), said that every 100 middle and high-end Chinese tourists traveling abroad, 80 will spend heavily on shopping activities. Chinese-popular tourist destinations such as Mong Cai, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh City still lack shopping spots for them to spend money.

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