Airbus COO highlights China’s pivotal role in global production ramp-up
09/14/2023|3:06:15 PM|TravelDailyNews

Airbus cannot achieve the grand production ramp-up plan in coming years without the support of partners in China, said Alberto Gutiérrez, Chief Operating Officer of the European aircraft manufacturer.

“I feel impressed and inspired about my visit to China. I was fully aware of China’s achievements in infrastructure, connectivity, business, and development,” said Gutiérrez in an interview with Xinhua during his recent visit to north China’s Tianjin Municipality.

“However, it’s one thing to hear about it from my team’s briefings and read reports on my desk and another to witness firsthand the incredible progress China has made. The level of capability I’ve observed here goes beyond just attracting investors. It assures a promising future,” he added.

The senior executive emphasized Tianjin’s significance in aircraft delivery and customer relationships, underscoring the vital role played by the Airbus A320 Final Assembly Line Asia (FALA) in Tianjin within their global industrial system.

According to the data from Airbus, the company has about 200 suppliers in China. The total value of industrial cooperation between Airbus and the Chinese aviation industry reached approximately 1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

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