Sabre Travel Network comes up with technology breakthrough for LCCs
12/12/2007|9:32:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Sabre Travel Network has launched enhanced air shopping capabilities with AirTran Airways that will provide the airline and Sabre Connected travel agencies a distinct advantage in serving their customers. (12/11/2007)

The launch of XML connectivity by Sabre Travel Network with AirTran Airways represents an industry first and a breakthrough for airlines selling their products and services through Sabre and Sabre Connected travel agents.

The XML connectivity advantage allows airlines whose reservations systems support new, open system XML communications protocols, to provide enhanced services to their customers, such as real-time seat map information and up-to-the-minute flight information.

Sabre Travel Network´s XML connectivity also provides a platform to enable distribution of carriers that haven´t previously participated in GDS systems.

Sabre Travel Network is also working with AirTran Airways to launch additional capabilities, including enhanced booking functionality during early 2008.

"Sabre Travel Network´s new XML connectivity, and the important capabilities it brings our airline, will allow us to provide valuable information and services to travel agents through the efficiency of the Sabre GDS," said Kevin Healy, AirTran Airways Vice President - Planning. "We continue to invest in technology like this so we can serve the needs of our customers and improve operational efficiencies. We look forward to working with Sabre to provide even more features in the coming months."

Having access to real-time seat map information provides travel agents insight into how full the flight is at the time of booking, as well as the specific seats agents may wish to request if they do need to contact AirTran Airways for a seat assignment for their traveler. This creates a better shopping experience for agents and travelers, which can result in increased sales for airlines using the new solution, Sabre Travel Network Chief Marketing Officer Greg Webb.