China’s young travelers turn to in-depth trips
06/07/2023|4:44:51 PM|China Daily

In recent years, many new tourism offerings have been created through the integration of culture, art and technology, which has had a profound impact on the travel habits of many people.

Yu Guodong, who has been in the tourism sector for more than 20 years, said that tourists used to go on trips that packed numerous destinations into a short period. Trips that offered the chance to travel to several cities in a matter of days were also very popular.

"Nowadays, the younger generation increasingly likes more in-depth and even customized tours, and many create popular new destinations by sharing photos and videos on social media platforms," Yu said.

Near a salt lake in Yuncheng, Shanxi, is a newly opened bed-and-breakfast art village.

"It became a popular destination even before we began promotion. Young people are so good at discovering new places for fun," said Li Jie, general manager of the Beijing Xiangyu Tourism Development Company.

Many visitors have posted short videos about their stay in the village, showing them enjoying the breeze while gazing across the colorful salt lake at dusk, setting up their tents and sampling local specialties, or making handicrafts with local cultural elements.

The videos have not only received thousands of likes but have also inspired many viewers to visit.

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