BA to explore web 2.0 via special innovation unit
12/06/2007|10:11:00 AM|Eyefortravel
British Airways (BA) has reportedly set up a special innovation unit to explore ways the airline can use web 2.0, shareware and open source technologies. (12/3/2007)

According to, airline´s CIO Paul Coby said the real-time and mission-critical nature of Internet-based systems meant it was getting more difficult to introduce new innovations because of the risk. The report added that one of the first things to come out of the innovation unit is the introduction of Google gadgets on the website. The gadgets include information such as arrivals and departures, special offers and timetables and people can add them to their personalised iGoogle homepage.

Coby said, "We have put it quietly live on the website - a sort of beta version - and it is getting 120 downloads a day."