SITA to introduce first ever passenger- baggage reconciliation system in India
12/03/2007|10:00:00 AM|Etravelblackboardasia
Friday, 30 November 2007: The first-ever integrated passenger-baggage reconciliation system to go live at an Indian airport will be deployed by SITA in time for the March 2008 opening of the new green field airport project in Bangalore, India’s “Silicon Valley”.

Marcel Hungerbuehler, Chief Operation Officer, Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL), said: “Given our location in the home of India’s formidable IT industry, it is entirely appropriate that this world class airport should take advantage of the latest technology which SITA is providing to ensure an operationally efficient, secure and passenger-friendly airport.”

The new Bangalore International Airport is expected to be operational on March 30, 2008 and will handle an estimated 10 million passengers in the first year of operation.

SITA, which tracks baggage in 220 countries and territories, has developed an integrated, end-to-end baggage reconciliation system which combines bar codes, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and highly redundant IP-based global connectivity to ensure baggage gets to its destination on time.

Elyes M’Rad, Regional Vice President, SITA, said: “This is a significant milestone for the air transport industry in India and will set a benchmark for the future development of airports.Passenger-bag reconciliation reduces aircraft delays through quicker off-loading in case of passenger no-shows and automatically redirects bags that missed their connection onto alternative flights.”

Further explaining the advantages, Marcel Hungerbuehler added: “Nothing is more frustrating than being separated from your bags and we intend to reduce this risk to the minimum possible through the deployment of state of the art technology which will give airlines and passengers maximum visibility on baggage movements through the airport.”

The SITA system in Bangalore comprises two modules, BagManager and BagMessage.

SITA’s BagManager interfaces with check-in and baggage sortation systems, and integrates with flight information systems for any latest updates on aircraft loading. BagManager can also be linked to airport based high-tech security systems to verify the screening of bags by explosive detection systems and other devices. It reduces substantially the cost for airlines and airports towards misdirected baggage.

SITA’s BagMessage ensures the latest information about passenger bags is available whenever and wherever needed. During the course of last year, BagMessage delivered 650 million messages between airline departure control systems and automated baggage systems.

In addition, almost all airlines using Bangalore International Airport are customers of SITA’s WorldTracer, co-sponsored by IATA, which provides a single shared database of lost and mishandled bags which delivers world round-the-clock baggage tracing for some 400 airlines and other users.