Most Chinese consumers are willing to spend on travel, films, survey says
02/28/2023|12:40:11 PM|Yicai Global

Over 90% of Chinese people will spend on items that bring ‘pleasure,’ such as traveling and going to the movies, now that the country has relaxed its pandemic prevention measures while large-ticket items such as property and cars are low on the agenda, according to a recent survey.

Just over 91% of people polled said they will spend on travel, while 90.4% said they will treat themselves to films and entertainment, according to a survey of over 1,000 people carried out by Yicai Global this month.

Some 60.2% of respondents have plans to travel around the country this year, and 32.3% intend to travel both in China and abroad this year, according to the poll. More than half have a travel budget of between RMB10,000 (USD1,436) and RMB20,000.

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