Macau eyeing to put aside $22.3M for package tours, promotions to drive visitation levels
02/10/2023|12:32:08 PM|Yogonet

Cheng Wai Tong, Deputy Director of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), revealed on Wednesday that the office has proposed to allocate MOP180 million ($22.3 million) for promotional campaigns over package tours. The plan includes a subsidy scheme for tourists from the Chinese mainland, overseas countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Last week, authorities announced they would issue up to 120,000 air tickets to attract international visitors. They will additionally provide subsidies for mainland Chinese tourists who stay in the city for more than one night, with each traveler from Guangdong entitled to MOP150 ($18.54) per night, or MOP300 ($37.09) for two nights; and between MOP250 ($30.91) and MOP400 ($49.45) for those from outside Guangdong.

MGTO is also considering extending the subsidy scheme to tourists from overseas countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with MOP350 ($43.27) for one night and MOP500 ($61.82) for two nights tentatively. The MOP180 million subsidy is a short-term measure, with MGTO partnering with online travel platforms to promote the campaign, Cheng said, as reported by Macau Business. The campaign will last for as long as the budget can allow.

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