Online travel networking site targets business travelers
11/16/2007|10:16:00 AM|Hotelmarketing
November 14, 2007:Placely, the online travel networking site that enables travelers to share information and to stay better connected while on-the-go, announced today the beta launch of its service for business professionals, executives, enthusiasts and frequent travelers. Unlike the growing virtual social networking trend, Placely offers its users the ability to stay physically connected to their network through unique group features and a first class travel network platform. Whether it’s for a business meeting or bite to eat, Placely users can quickly and easily meet up with people in their network while traveling between destinations for work or leisure.

Currently, business professionals and managers are planning and tracking business trips using multiple systems. Placely’s easy-to-use and unrivaled platform provides executives with a one-stop resource for staying connected with its employees, their business trips and meetings and more, resulting in more knowledgeable and efficient teams.

“As frequent social and business travelers, we created Placely to keep in touch with colleagues and friends while on-the-move beyond the virtual world. With Placely we are easily able to see who we can meet while in a particular city and keep our network updated on our travel schedules around the world,” said Rishi Jain, Co-Founder. “We’re committed to growing with our company and increasing the site’s utility and functionality with added services and features.”

Placely caters not only to business professionals, but also to friends, enthusiasts, wedding planners, family reunions, alumni groups and much more. Users who share common interests, whether it is a passion for wine or an affinity to their alma mater, can contact, connect and meet with new likeminded individuals. Placely makes it fun and effortless. With Placely, users can gradually build out their network over time by adding coworkers, friends, creating groups or joining groups based on a specific category, need, timeframe and relevance.

“Placely is designed for everyone who is traveling, whether it’s local, national, international, today or tomorrow or for business or leisure,” said Denis Khoo, CEO and Co-Founder. “With Placely, users can continually strengthen their network, share travel secrets, maintain business connections and meet new people.”