Sunmei partners with Tuya Smart, Meituan and Tencent Cloud
07/11/2022|11:53:26 AM|Pandaily

Sunmei, a Chinese hotel chain, announced a series of upgrades on July 7, aimed at driving the digital and intelligent transformation of the hotel industry through technology, and committed to building a digital economic and ecological platform for the accommodation industry. At the same time, the company has reached strategic cooperation agreements with Tuya Smart, Meituan and Tencent to help achieve these upgrades.

Sunmei has created a one-stop smart hotel solution based on the cloud development platform of Tuya Smart. At the end of July, new smart hotel model rooms will be opened in the Sunmei Intelligent Industrial Park.

Based on Meituan‘s big data platform and significant computing power, combined with the price model refined by thousands of Sunmei hotels, an AI Operation Manager is to be deployed to realize an intelligent pricing system based on big data to realize dynamic decision-making. At the same time, combined with Sunmei’s original “super operation system,” quality improvement and other capabilities, the AI Operation Manager will become the first hotel operating system (HOS) in the industry.

On the basis of Tencent Cloud (IAAS) + WeCom Open Platform (PAAS), Sunmei and Tencent will establish an AIOT cloud platform for the whole life cycle management of the accommodation industry. 

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