Europe: All set for a busy summer
06/01/2022|6:30:45 PM|OAG

Global capacity this week has moved up above 90 million seats again this week, reaching 91.2 million seats. This represents a 2.4% increase on last week, which translates to an additional 2.1 million seats and is the highest weekly capacity has reached since before the pandemic.  

Regions benefitting from this increase include Europe which accounts for slightly more than half of the increase and reflects the demand for leisure travel right across the region as the summer season gets into full swing.   

Although many parts of Asia are starting to reopen and there are positive noises from Japan about cautiously reopening this summer, and finally even some public recognition last week from the authorities there of the importance of international air service to China, there are just too many variables to confidently predict a full recovery of global capacity by August.   

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