Online travel commerce continues to experience double-digit gains in the US
10/30/2007|8:52:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Retail e-commerce increased 23 percent to $28.4 billion, while the travel-related e-commerce spending grew 11 percent to touch US$20.1 billion-mark as comScore, Inc. released the US e-commerce spending figures for the third quarter of 2007. (10/26/2007)

"Online retail spending continues to grow at rates in excess of 20 percent year-over-year, which suggests that the market is still far from maturity," said comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni. "Even online travel commerce, which is a more developed market, continues to experience double-digit gains."

During the first nine months of 2007, total e-commerce spending surpassed $143 billion, putting it on pace to reach $200 billion by the end of the year.

Retail e-commerce accounted for nearly $84 billion, or 58 percent of the total, while online travel spending came in just shy of $60 billion.