Ubiquick releases new price monitoring engine
10/16/2007|10:11:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Ubiquick SAS, a real-time web mining software company, has come up with the new version of its travel price intelligence software. (10/12/2007)

According to an official release, Ubiquick is the first player in the price monitoring and store check industry to include semantic to the algorithm of its travel technology.

“The notable increase of competition in the online travel industry and the growing importance of the pricing factor in customer buying decision make it difficult to players to get price advantages on the online consumer travel market. Price monitoring solution based on screen scrapping technologies find limit in the number of information that can be analysed,” stated a release. “This innovative solution, based on semantic search engine, allows a more precise analysis of each dimension of the price, facilitates comparison and homogenisation of data between a large number of competitors and opens new perspectives to price optimisation and revenue management.”

The service is targeted to online travel agents, tour operators, car rental, airlines and carriers.