Best times to buy and fly
09/20/2007|9:20:00 AM|Travelmole
18 September, 2007: is offering some timely tips about when to buy and fly during the upcoming holiday season, including how to get the best price for Thanksgiving.

The general answer: be flexible with return dates, which will have the biggest impact on price at that time.

"For December, focusing on the date of departure can save you more money," says the Seattle-based Farecast. "Avoiding the popular Friday or Saturday Christmas departure could save you over $90 per ticket."

"During 2006, Christmas itineraries saw price drops in early October between $60-90, so watch and track your trip with alerts over the next few weeks, as they could go fast," said John Rauser of Farecast. He added: "Prices during the holiday are extremely volatile. Currently fares are between 3-7& higher than last year and we will be watching closely to see if they continue to make a steady climb, or dip over the next several weeks."

Farecast tips include:

-Expect to pay more at Thanksgiving.

-Be flexible to maximize savings.

-Avoid Friday or Saturday departures at Christmas.

-Watch for October prices as many Christmas itineraries see price drops from 1 October to 15 October. is a travel search site that helps users determine the best or least expensive time to buy. It offers airfare and hotel rate predictions.