Inflight connectivity on Chinese airlines grew almost a third in 2021
01/14/2022|11:55:06 AM|Simple Flying

Despite lagging behind the world in terms of inflight connectivity, the number of connected aircraft in China has increased by almost a third over the last year. 2021 ended with a total of 842 connected aircraft in the Chinese fleet. Good progress indeed, but still a meager portion of the almost 4,000 commercial planes in the country.

The 842 connected aircraft number is an increase of 188 from the year before. This represents 29% growth in the past 12 months – almost a third. According to the CAAC, more than 1.3 million passengers connected onboard their flights in 2021, which is all the more impressive when considering the challenging operating environment of the past couple of years.

All in, 23 different Chinese airlines were capable of delivering inflight WiFi by the end of 2021. However, only 213 of the aircraft provide connectivity outside of the cabin’s own intranet.

Although the growth is notable, the number of equipped aircraft is paltry when considered alongside the huge fleet of aircraft operated by Chinese airlines. In all, nearly 4,000 aircraft are registered in China, so there’s a long way to go before inflight WiFi becomes prolific.

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