Singapore jumps to Chinese' favorite country in 2021, as Canada falls to bottom: GT survey finds
12/29/2021|3:25:10 PM|Global Times

Which country is Chinese people's favorite? A new survey shows Singapore ranks top while Japan and Canada, which used to be Chinese people's hot travel destinations, saw a sharp decline, with Canada at the bottom in the latest ranking. 

The survey was conducted online by the Global Times Research Center with market survey firm DATA100, collecting 2,148 valid questionnaires covering 16 Chinese cities from December 10 to 15. 

It shows that apart from China, 14% of the respondents said Singapore is their favorite country, which is followed by Germany, France, the US, Russia and Maldives. Canada is their least favorite with only 0.4% of respondents saying they like the country.  

As for which country that the Chinese public would like to visit the most, the survey also shows Singapore at the top (17.1%), followed by Maldives and France. 

A comparison of data over the past four years shows that Singapore had not been in the top six of Chinese respondents' choice since 2018, before jumping to the top in 2021. However, Japan, which ranked first for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020, dropped to the sixth place in 2021.

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