Beijing city calls for less holiday travel to reduce COVID risks during Olympics
12/20/2021|4:38:39 PM|Euronews

Beijing city said on Saturday it is advising residents not to leave town during a major holiday season in early 2022, part of efforts to limit coronavirus risks while the Winter Olympics Games are being held.

China’s capital is keen “to ensure zero local infection, the successful hosting of the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, and that the public have joyful, peaceful and tranquil holidays,” it said in a statement.

In addition to encouraging people not to take unnecessary trips outside the city, it will also call for some gatherings to be held online, according to the statement.

The northern Hebei province that will co-host the Games with Beijing as well as several other cities have issued similar advisories.

Wu Shiping, an official at China State Railway Group, told a briefing on Saturday he expects a “relatively huge” increase in the number of train passengers during the 40-day travel season for the Lunar New Year holiday compared to 2021 levels which will challenge COVID-19 prevention work.

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