What hoteliers need to know about cloud-based technology and PMS
10/20/2021|7:51:40 PM|Hospitality Net

Hotels are turning to technology to improve efficiency at a time when they are short staffed, but technology alone can’t improve operations or help boost revenue without a clear plan and measured research into the technology solution that actually meets their needs. Hoteliers across the hotel industry are considering investing in cloud-based property-management systems to increase mobility property wide and better manage operations, but many hotels still don’t know what technology is right for them, nor the differences or options between vendor offerings.

For the hotelier looking to change their PMS tech stack, be aware that several myths continue to persist about the nature of cloud-based technology, confusing what it can and cannot do. These tools have requirements that may not be obvious up front that all hotels should know about in advance, so let’s focus on the truths.

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