'Compensational travel' stimulates consumption in China
10/09/2021|12:09:51 PM|Chinanews

China's consumption has been greatly stimulated by "Compensational travel" during the National Day holidays (Oct. 1 to 7).

Based on statistics from China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of domestic tourist trips reached 515 million, 70.1 percent the pre-pandemic level. Domestic tourism revenues have reached 389.061 billion yuan ($60.32 billion), which is 59.9 percent of the pre-pandemic level.

Tourism at many famous scenic spots across China has peaked for days, with tickets in some places including Sanxingdui in Sichuan Province and Mount Tai in Shandong Province sold out.

In addition, going to “red resorts” and experiencing Guochao (a trend that Chinese young customers become interested in domestic brands and products that incorporate Chinese traditional style and culture) has become a new trend. The national flags can be seen flying everywhere in China, and many places have held special celebration activities to review red history vcia red tourism.

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