Red tourism, family outings fuel holiday travel surge
10/09/2021|11:15:18 AM|

The National Day holiday saw a surge in tourism, as people unleashed a strong demand for traveling that was suppressed over the summer holiday due to sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks.

Data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism showed on Thursday that domestic attractions received about 515 million trips over the seven-day break, from Oct 1 to Thursday.

The total number of trips is roughly 70% of the number during the same period in 2019, before the pandemic hit.

The ministry said that revenue of about RMB 389 billion (USD 60.3 billion) was generated over the holiday, roughly 60% of that in 2019.

Travel agencies said they have seen an increase in tour package reservations after their businesses had a hard time during the summer. Red tourism, in which people visit sites with historical significance for Communism in China, and tour products focusing on appreciating autumn scenery and family trips are popular.

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