Amadeus forays into Asian travel search market
08/27/2007|10:23:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Travel search engine has chosen Amadeus Meta Pricer for the Asia Pacific region. (8/23/2007)

Meta Pricer, based on the next generation Amadeus Web Services Interface, helps travel search companies efficiently and cost-effectively retrieve accurate information on flight availability and prices from their airline partners. According to Amadeus, when a search is made with Amadeus Meta Pricer, the query is conducted within Amadeus’ inventory of fares, vastly reducing the strain on the airlines’ website and increasing the accuracy of results.

“Many airlines have been telling us loud and clear that they are excited about partnering with and the incremental direct business we can drive for them but that they really don’t want us to screenscrape their public websites in order to get their fares and availability”, said Martin Symes, CEO

He added, “By being able to retrieve data from Amadeus, Bezurk is the only travel search engine in the Asia Pacific region that is able to offer carriers this state of the art solution.”