Suzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism celebrates city’s overseas marketing success
09/28/2021|12:10:03 PM|PRWeb

The Suzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism recently marked the completion of a two-year integrated marketing campaign that featured promotional efforts positioning the historic Chinese destination as “The City of Arts & Culture.” The multi-faceted, international program – which was executed by PHG Consulting, Suzhou’s North American marketing and representation partner since 2014 – is part of an ongoing promotional partnership designed to elevate the city’s profile as a must-visit destination for English-speaking travelers in North America and Europe.

Prior to the onset of COVID-19, activities including a photography-focused press trip and sponsorship of the 20th anniversary of the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden, which was designed and constructed by a team of artisans from Suzhou. When international travel was halted due to the pandemic, efforts pivoted to focus on encouraging consumers to consider a trip when travel to China is once again possible. Once domestic travel in China re-started, PHG Consulting pivoted its plan and launched tactics that promoted Suzhou to English-speaking expats living in the country. These included a campaign with Time Out Shanghai that engaged expats in understanding why Suzhou is the perfect weekend destination, and a cultural showcase at Beijing’s 798 Arts District that brought the destination’s cultural heritage to hundreds of dignitaries, media, key opinion leaders, and consumers.

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