Local carrier unveils new flight mileage credit system
09/28/2021|12:07:35 PM|Shine

China Eastern Airlines became the first Chinese carrier to begin crediting miles to its membership passengers according to ticket price rather than actual miles traveled.

The Shanghai-based carrier along with its subsidiary, Shanghai Airlines, initiated the new membership program on Sunday to better serve travelers and drive the digital transformation of the nation's civil aviation.

The new Eastern Miles, the airline's frequent flyer program, is only connected with the prices of flight tickets. Travelers no longer need to take unnecessary flights to acquire additional miles, according to the airline.

Furthermore, the former three-year validity period of the miles has been rescinded in the new system. Membership credits are valid permanently as long as the members increase or redeem their miles at least once within three years.

China Eastern members are also allowed to recharge membership cards with cash to enjoy different levels of privilege.

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