Booking travel online and coping with stress due to multitude of options
08/24/2007|10:05:00 AM|2007-08-24  EyeforTravel

50 percent of people in the UK find booking their holiday online stressful, according to a recent survey by travel search company, (8/22/2007)

According to, the younger audience in particular who find the online travel experience overwhelming with 70 percent of those under 25 years expressing stress over the multitude of options presented to them. The survey findings are based on 1,744 UK adults.

“Ensuring you get yourself the best deal is the biggest reason for stress, particularly amongst women. Even when on holiday nearly half of all people suffer from deal envy and believe that their fellow travellers have got a better deal than them,” stated a release. “The next biggest cause of stress is researching and deciding where to go, closely followed by finding the time to actually do the research.”

For those under 25 years, finding the best deal was particularly high but for a quarter of those aged 35-44 juggling busy lives and find the time to research and book their holiday was the biggest cause of stress.

Other key findings included:
• 1/3 of people surveyed spend a week or more searching and booking their holiday online;
• Women were 40 percent more likely to spend over two weeks booking their holiday than men;
• When it comes to telling our friends and family about the deals we find, we are most definitely a sharing nation (82 percent claimed to do so). However 20 percent of men admitted keeping them to themselves whether it because they don’t want other people to get in on the act or because they want people to think they spent more than they did;
• 1/5 people visit over 10 websites when they are booking a holiday.